Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm reanimating this site but under slightly different premises.

The focus will still be the New Testament and its oddities but I won't analyze them per chapter anymore. I'll describe more general, overarching oddities in both biblical texts and christian concepts. That makes more sense in my opinion, and it will also be more interesting (for me and you) since the Synoptics for example repeat a lot of stuff and reanalyzing them is boring.

The updates will probably be weekly (or every few days).

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Anonymous said...

when xianity came to wield secular powers (313 CE) its alliance with the dying roman empire created a totalitarian state -- fascistic . . . the days of sharing were long over.

** Live and Let Die **

Seven deadly lies of the four big near eastern monotheisms:
1. there is a “spiritual” dimension apart and “above” nature
2. the universe displays design and evinces moral purpose
3. time is shallow (6,000 yrs) with an apocalyptic end
4. humanity represents the goal and apex of life on Earth
5. morality must have a religious (spiritual) foundation
6. each person must choose between “good” and “evil”
7. “truth” (of all kinds, even “I am the truth”.) is absolute

Xianity, like its murderous look-alikes islam, judaism, zoroastrianism never offered a live-and-let-live-thesis. Conversion is not optional.

You must conform -- abase yourself. Let your wishes, desires, and plans be dictated by some priest, pastor, imam, spiritual adviser, rabbi. Of course, hypocrites play a double game, but accept “the” rules.

And, if you’re too honest or brave to be a hypocrite? It depends -- on how much power over life and death the true believers have. Psychologically I don't see much difference between the Taliban in Afghanistan and Dominionists spread across the US. Without a vigorously enforced secular state, you and I would burn at the stake or receive a bullet in the head for disbelief.

For all true believers this is their doctrine: “those not with us are against us” (Luke 11:23), or as Ian Fleming says, Live and Let Die.

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